Thank You for the Hall of Fame Nomination
I have risen out of the woodworks to ask, who nominated my fic 'My BFF's Wedding' for the arashi fanfic awards? I'm in the Hall of Fame list??? I can't believe it?

I am so flattered that this fic has been in your heart for 7 years or maybe you read it recently? Like, I was literally 16 procrastinating an exam when I wrote it. So I'm aware that it's not a particularly quality fic. Thank you, so much for appreciating it. It's a really great honor!

I feel like I should thank my nominator somehow. My 16 year self was a very sad person and I remember that fandom was where I came for love, acceptance and friendship. I don't know if revealing yourself to me is against the rules or something. But I'd like to write you something (Ohmiya, Sakuraiba or JunMa related). If I don't get a reveal in a week I'll make a prompt post, where you can prompt without revealing yourself.

X-posted to my journal. Apologies if you're seeing this twice!

Next to the Door (JunBa - Part 2)
Part 2Collapse )

Kitto SlutParty Exchange 2016 Repost: Next to the Door (JunBa)
Title: Next to the Door
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 11,500
Pairing: JunBa, Aimiya, Sakuraiba KamexAiba, RyoxAiba, Ninox?
Warnings: Sex and pointless title.
Summary: Aiba Masaki has finally fulfilled his goal of becoming the number one host at Club Supernova. However, being a brilliant sweet-talker doesn’t mean he’s any good at actual romance.
Notes: Written for yukitsubute in the kitto_slutparty 2016 exchange.

Thank you mods for your infinite amounts of patience and for dealing with the troublemaker like me. And to my beta A-san, your handholding through fbook, phone, texts and in person has pulled me through the finish line. I’m sorry my tenses jump so very badly.

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Knowing You're Worth It (Ohmiya - Part 2)

Ever since looking for the High Warlock of Tokyo became official Clave appointed business, Nino’s life was in short, living hell. He was buried under mountains of paperwork and the Clave had sent volume after volume of Warlock history and Shadowhunter interactions with Warlocks.

The worst part was that his mother was the deliverer of said endless volumes. She works in the library at the Academy in Idris and has no doubt pulled strings to be able to visit her injured baby boy. Nino thinks that the ‘Nephilim Power Couples Through the Histories’ book was his mother’s personal addition to the official records sent to Tokyo. In case that was too subtle, his mother also insistently shows him pictures from her facebook album comprised entirely of herself and young Nephilim women.

At least she bakes cookies that he can munch on in his misery.

His mom ruffles his hair affectionately as she leaves him the plate of cookies and offers to show him a note taking template that helps her during research. Nino is a little apprehensive about working with his mother, despite her brilliance. She’s a terribly distracted woman and likes to distract herself with one cursed topic.

‘Your sister wanted to send you a care package but I couldn’t carry it.’

‘You mean you couldn’t force her to make me one.’
Part 2Collapse )

Fic Exchange Repost: Knowing You're Worth It (Ohmiya)
Title: Knowing You’re Worth It (aka Ohmiya Mortal Instruments AU)
Pairing: Ohno Satoshi/Ninomiya Kazunari
Word Count: 20,300
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 (Sex and some gore-ey action. Not simultaneously.)
Summary: Nino and his best friend Aiba are Shadowhunters and the Heads of the Tokyo Institute. Nino leads a pretty average Shadowhunter life: Fighting demons. Keeping the world safe. Filing bureaucratic paperwork for The Clave. Meeting Ohno Satoshi, a simple yet oddly mysterious man, changes Nino’s life for what he hopes is the better.
Notes: Written for the arashi_exchange 2016 cycle for an amazing prompt given by renchan27
Intro to the Mortal Instruments Universe:
The Shadow World exists alongside the human world hidden in plain sight using glamours or are invisible on default?!? So much about this Universe I don’t get.
Glamours are basically voodoo magic making things appearing to be other things.
Demons are evil and exist.
Shadowhunters/the Nephilim are angel-human hybrid demon warriors. Basically, human beings with the ability to fight and do a limited amount of magic (aka acquire superhuman powers). Runes are symbols they draw with steles (kind of like wands) to be able to have superhuman powers. Runes, usually invisible to mundanes can look like tattos.
Downworlders are hybrids of any combo of demon + human/angel or all three. Basically every creature: werewolf, vampires, warlocks, faeries and the rest fall under this.
Human beings are called mundanes because why not.
parabatai are supremely-bonded Shadowhunter warrior pair- yes premise for all the ghei feels
The Clave is like some strange Nephilim governing body that seems to do more harm than good usually. Idris is the hidden country for Nephilim.
The void is the parallel demon world where demons live.
Magnus bane is the High Warlock of Brooklyn. Valentine Morgenstern is evil.

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JunMa One Shot: Adopting a Cat
Title: Adopting a Cat
Pairing: JunMa
Rating: PG-13
Note: Happy Birthday alexxasick aka Sickie! I know you don't have time to read much but its a short one (but weird one) and didnt know what else to do for your Bday <3

When Jun let an old acquaintance crash at his place for the night, he hadn’t quite realized that he’d essentially adopted a cat.

He hadn't meant to talk to Ikuta Toma at the bus stop...Collapse )

JunMa Drabbles Reposted From Tumblr

Day 1: Holding Hands
Anniversaries are generally hard. When you know your significant other for as long as you can remember and when you’ve spent most of that time being friends and some of that being more than friends and then at some point started dating andthen slowly started telling everyone, the dates get mixed up and the length of time when you’ve been together are a blur.
Toma still buys flowers on his way home. After the 700th time of being asked how long they’ve been together and both giving different answers, he had decided to sit down with Jun and fix a date.
That is, today.
5 years ago on this day they had kissed. It wasn’t some earth shattering moment or an unexpected occurrence.
Toma had pined and yearned for Jun for months prior to that kiss. During which he’d just gone for it and Jun had smiled at the end of it, cheeks red and unable to meet Toma’s eyes.
But Toma has a secret. He’s too embarrassed to tell Jun that he remembers. But he remembers and somehow that day feels even bigger than their first kiss.
He remembers when he fell in love with Jun. Even, though he wouldn’t realize his feelings until years later, Toma can think back and just know that he’s loved Jun since then.
He was fifteen and had broken up with his first girlfriend, he hadn’t cried. He knew it was lame to cry so he hadn’t cried but it hurt. And for days he just couldn’t do anything about the dull feeling in his chest. He’d avoided most of his friends during this time, though he’s had to sit and laugh during lunch with some of them, acting like it wasn’t a big deal.
But it was, his world was falling apart.
And suddenly one day Jun was just there. He doesn’t remember where. Maybe in the locker room after soccer practice, maybe his house, maybe Jun’s house. But Toma remembers Jun vividly, his crazy spiky haired phase and Jun just sat beside him. His warmth was almost uncomfortably hot along his side. And suddenly Jun’s hand was on top of his. Toma can’t remember who moved their hands first but soon their fingers were intertwined and Toma felt like he could breath.
The world had started healing with Jun’s hand in his.

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JunMa Disney Prince AU (Tumblr Repost)

Part 1:

If Jun wasn’t a royal prince so well drilled on etiquette that he would have to say they’ve become innate at this point he would say that he was fucking bored out of his princely mind.
He honestly doesn’t understand royalty and balls, why can’t they have a poolside barbeque? But no, always balls with study breeches and frilly shirts that scratched against his skin and too thick jackets that made his armpit sweat.
And if he finally finds the damsel his mother so desperately wanted him to find, how would he explain that the love of his life had promptly run away due to some foul-smelling secretions from the prince’s body. Usually everything related to nobility was kosher but there was a limit to what the swooning, obsessed masses comprising 80% of the female population of his kingdom could handle.

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Always and Forever is Now
Title: Always and Forever is Now
Pairing: Klaine
Rating: R
WordCount: ~1600
Genre: Angst
Spoilers: Major 'Michael' Spoilers
Warnings: Not happy ending. Strictly Klendgamers should probably not read. Typos may be there
Summary: Kurt's future is settled and Blaine's is still a year away. Blaine feels and doesn't feel at all. Sometimes he feels too much and sometimes he uses rationality to make decisions.

Blaine looks at Kurt for a moment when he waves the NYADA finalist letter in his face and thinks,“this is it, the time has come.”Collapse )

The Super League Of Slightly Weird Teens (Part V)
Title: The Super League Of Slightly Weird Teens (Part V)
Pairing: Klaine, (a little bit)Kurtofsky, (pre) Brittana, ArtiexBrittany, beard!Santofsky
Rating: NC-17
WordCount: ~4500
Genre: Fantasy!AU, Drama and the occassional crack!Sue
Warnings: There is a lot of manipulation going on and creepy things happen (I don't know how to label this) amidst the fun and games. So not for you if you don't like dark fics
Verse Summary: Kurt Hummel is not your average teenager. He's a super hero, what he hadn't known was that there are more like him.

Installment Summary: Brittany makes a pained expression, “Puck dropped Artie when carrying him out of the bus and two of his fingers are crushed. Quinn is shaken and Rachel is passed out. Everyone else is fine…Kurt is in the ICU” She hiccups in between her words and Santana only pulls her closer.

“And Terri?”

There’s a small smile on Brittany’s face, “Third degree burns.”

Co-creator: longas91. Inspired by the brilliant art here and here and his damn good ideas over superhero stuff in general.
Beta: alexxasick
Author's Note: You should totally check out this one for when Dave goes to Kurt as Blaine and for some awesome superhero costumes (not yet made an appearance in the fic) go here and here and here

Previous Installments: Part One Two Three Part Four

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